That's why we're the best choice

The Best Choice
  • Worldwide exclusive, only one roll with hydraulic loading control (fail safe)
  • Fully automated pellet production with no need of staff
  • High quality pellet production within a few hours after plant delivery
  • Warranty and after-sales assistance up to 3 years
  • Remote maintenance through internet for 24 hours
  • Extremely convenient and easy maintenance

No need to clean the die!

Thanks to the "EASY-START" exclusive hydraulic system there is no need to clear the die's holes by using drills or pins.

No breaks on dies and roll!

The "LOAD SENSING" hydraulic system allows to monitor each production phase and to protect the die group from damages and breaks!

No need for mechanical interventions!

Thanks to the hydraulic automation the P-300/P-500/P-700 Series adapt automatically to the raw material without need for any manual mechanical change. You only need to provide the raw material, while our machines will transform it into pellets!

Production with a wide range of raw materials!

The hydraulic system allows the production of pellets* with a wide range of wood types, biomass and plastics (* Ø 6 and Ø 8 pellets in accordance with the UNI EN 14961-2 PLUS A1-A2-B regulation, similar to the Ö NORM and DIN-Plus regulations).

Stop wasting energy!

Production costs reduced by 75% compare to mechanical machines!
Guaranteed pay-back of the initial investment within less than 12 months!


The exclusive operative characteristics of the P-300/P-500/P-700 Series allow to obtain a high production with the lowest Euro/Ton of pellets ratio.