Winning With Integrity

Winning With Integrity

We aim to establish a lasting relationship with our customers, to mutual satisfaction.

This is part of the our corporate philosophy and of PARKER, one of the 500 best companies in the world for 70 years, of which we are proud to be retailers. PARKER provides us with components and training.

Ethics, transparency, quality, customer satisfaction: are the values that PARKER shares with its suppliers and retailers.


Parker is committed to partnering with world class suppliers.

With an annual spend exceeding $6 billion, Parker is supplying the world with precision-engineered solutions for commercial, mobile, industrial and aerospace markets. Parker partners with suppliers who share the beliefs of premier customer service, maintaining the highest quality standards, on-time delivery and a culture of continuous improvement and views suppliers as partners who will help Parker remain competitive in the marketplace and help achieve growth objectives. Key criteria for Parker suppliers are their ability to meet foundational business requirements in technology, quality, lead-time, delivery quantity, price and continuous improvement.

Our Commitment to Integrity

Our Company has a solid foundation of integrity. Beginning with Arthur Parker’s dedication to “fair dealings,” to our values that charge us to act with honesty and show respect, our heritage is based on a commitment to treat everyone fairly and with consideration. Our commitment to acting ethically is not just a core part of our heritage; we know that it is the right thing to do and good for our business. Winning with Integrity and our Global Code of Business Conduct reflect our commitment to operate worldwide in a manner that is respectful, ethical, and guided by character, whether we are interacting with our customers, our partners or each other.

Winning With Integrity

Winning with Integrity reflects our continued commitment to preserving our reputation and protecting our financial strength. Winning with Integrity acknowledges that our everyday work and actions foster intelligent risk-taking and measured growth. These actions, when guided by character and virtue, continue to strengthen our ethical heritage and guide us in managing business activities with integrity as we pursue our mission of solving the world’s greatest engineering challenges.

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