CUSTOMIZED pellet production lines according to specific customer requirements

Customized systems to pelletize

Those who choose P SYSTEM Automazione not buy pelletizers or individual components, intended for frequent changes:

we realize CUSTOMIZED, COMPLETE LINES according to the SPECIFIC NEEDS of each customer.

Many of our competitors sell machinery for the sole purpose of supplying customers frequently roller dies and parts ...

Our goal instead is THE PROFITS OF THE CUSTOMER:
the beginning is important for us to acquire a lot of data on the needs and activities of our clients, in order to design and deliver TAILORED pellet plants able to return on investment in less than 12 months and generate PROFITS.

Sometimes we do not recommend the purchase if the customer's business does not have enough raw materials or personnel, the investment is not convenient and we'll say it clearly.

This is part of the our corporate philosophy and of PARKER, one of the 500 best companies in the world for 70 years, of which we are proud to be retailers.
Ethics, transparency, quality, customer satisfaction: if you want to know more, here you will find more information.

When we know our client, we can offer CUSTOMIZED AND EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS, able to produce pellets with lower production costs in the spaces provided.

We have also designed and built production facilities pellets OVER THE EQUIPMENT of the customer:
if the space is narrow, there is no problem, since the production of pellets is fully automated, without the need for personnel, no need therefore convenience of access to the system.

Because around there are very few our plants USED?

Why we recommend to our customers plants designed specifically for THEM EARN:
reduced production and maintenance costs, production of quality pellets in a few hours from delivery of the system.
Our customers are satisfied and holding tight the production lines pellet that we made for them.

We advise and provide to our customers only what is required;
if you need more, thanks to our experience and speed, we can quickly assess and recommend the most effective way.

P SYSTEM Automazione, historically, was born precisely to solve the most complex problems of our clients, even those who seemed to have no solution.

This is why we prefer to offer COMPLETE CUSTOMIZED LINES, instead of simple pelletizers or components.
We aim to establish a lasting relationship with our customers, to mutual satisfaction.