Pellet mill P500-7 LS 75 Kw

Pellettatrice P500-7 LS 75 Kw

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Technical data

(mm) 1.800 x 1.300 x 2.150 H
(Kg) about 2.400
75 Kw
1200* KG/H MAX

*conifer sawdust moisture between 10% and 15%


Pellet mill P500-7 LS 75 Kw

The installation is equipped with:

N. 01 Auger for loading the material by means of hydraulic regulation. ALTERNATIVELY: rotary valve with gear motor and hydraulic regulation built in steel plate and then galvanized, including steel plate rotor, easily replaceable final parts made up of linen rubber.

N. 01 Hammer mill P500R for milling automatically chips through a fixed cylindrical perforated surface, swinging hammers and interchangeable roller

N. 01 Centrifugal fan with a high balanced output. The fan rolls dynamically on a device/buffer. It is outfitted with an opening for the connection of the pipe suction

N. 01 Set of pipes made by flexible pipe in plyurethane including reinforcement spiral in phosphate-treated steel with an optimal resistance to abrasion, stiff pipes made of galvanized plate, collars made of printed plate, Inox 340-steel clamps provided with a crewdriver block.

N. 01 Cycolne over pellet mill built in galvanized plate and composed of an external cylinder and an inner double cylinder. Operation: dust enters the cyclone through the mouth of the side entrance where id is centrifuged. Due to the centrifugation the heavy parts fall down and are discharged into the lower circular mouth. The air is expelled in the atmosphere by the higer piping.

N. 01 Pellet mill P500-LS-55 Kw full of:

- Silo for loading the raw material including minimum and maximum level probes and ispection door.

- Oil tank for the automatically cleaning of the die

- Augur feeding the material in the die

- N. 1 vertical die with N. 1 roller

- Anti-condensation

- Internet connection for control and assistance

N. 01 Auger for discharing and cooling the pellets as well as for removing dusts from the pellets. This auger is provided with an automatic control and an hydraulic regulation.

N. 01 Replacement roller set

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